• chef Christian Thornton's food is simply spectacular, with a huge emphasis on fresh, local and organic
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Atria's locally minded menu changes often to reflect the seasonality of New England Farms and Sea. Chef Christian Thornton uses the best ingredients available in preparing his New American Menu of "global comfort food".


Our fine dining menu is available on the main floor, in the brick cellar and on the outside tented patio and lawn. This menu includes our fine dining menu and the Atria classic burger. Our larger burger menu is only available in the brick cellar bar.


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What We Talk About When We Talk About Wine

Atria Wine Program

Right now is the single best time in history to drink wine. Great wine is plentiful, offering more diversity and enjoyment than ever before. But amidst so much quality, our task becomes seeking out the truly distinctive. For us, this means delicious, soulful wines that express their origins with clarity, vitality, and grace.

Atria’s chef and proprietor Christian Thornton grew up in the Bay Area, and in many ways our list is rooted here as well. Wines born from the slopes and valleys of California’s dramatic coastline strike a unique harmony with Chef Thornton’s expressive and detailed cuisine. While the ingredients are local, the inspiration is often global, requiring a list that is adventurous and thoughtful, spanning both Old World and New World regions.

Our list is therefore a synthesis of place and story, from pioneering New World winemakers who are taking risks in pursuit of balance and individuality, to Old World producers who are fusing long-held traditions with modern technology to create wines that have something to say about where they come from, rich narratives bestowed onto those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy them.

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